Texas A&M Softball Player Overcomes Horrific Car Accident

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It's business as usual for the Texas A&M University softball team.

The Aggies are getting ready for their fourth super regional in school history and catcher Meagan May is soaking in every minute.

Last summer May was involved in a head on collision that flipped her car four times on a central Texas road.

"I just kept waking up asking what happened? Did I hurt anybody," said May, reflecting on the accident.

May can't remember what happened, but A&M head coach Jo Evans remembers hearing the news.

"I remember just walking down the sidewalk, my phone rings and her Mom calls me. That's a phone call you never want to get," said Coach Evans.

May spent a week at an Austin hospital with a cut forehead and had to undergo reconstructive surgery. But when the Aggies returned to the field in February, May was ready.

"She was so eager to get on the field, we were kind of having to hold her back per doctors orders," said Evans.

Meagan's ability to get back on the field and play a major role on the 2011 team has inspired Coach Evans.

"Just the challenges she's had to to face during this year and how she's handled it I think is so impressive," said Evans.

For Meagan the accident was more than just an obstacle to get over, it also gave her a sense of direction, direction in her faith. Something she needed leading up to that day.

"I actually found God through that accident. A week before that I had been told to pray for an answer because I was always very confused about religion and what I should and shouldn't believe. So I prayed for an answer and a week later, I got it. It couldn't have been more clear that that was a sign that I was supposed to believe in something, so I did. Everyday after that has been so much easier. This hasn't been such a scaring experience. It's really just been a gift and I've been so excited to try to share that with people and just be here," said May.

The new found faith has made May even more of an asset to the softball team.

"She has a lot more faith and being able to deal with whatever comes to her and understanding that it's going to make her a better person. It has just added to the character that she already has as an individual," said Evans.

"To tell you the truth, every minute has been a blessing. I've been happier than I've ever been in this past year because I look at everyday exactly for what it is, it's a gift. I'm so excited to be here everyday at practice whether it's hard or easy. Every game win or lose, I'm just so excited to play with this team and these coaches and be back in my uniform," said May.

The Aggie softball team will take on Arizona State in the super regional in a best of three series with the first game Thursday night at 9 p.m. That game will be televised on ESPN 2.