Holiday Weight Woes

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It is that time of year again when naughty foods come out, and the not so nice food habits begin.

"It's not a holiday season it's a holiday," Exercise Physiologist Jason Smith with the St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center said. "So on these special days treat yourself, but again one brownie not two."

During this time of year the average American can put on five to seven pounds. That's why health experts recommend working out at least three times a week for about 30 minutes.

"Try and get the family involved, maybe go walk around the mall and do some things maybe park farther out in the parking lot so that you walk further to the shopping center," Smith said. "When you go take the stairs rather than the escalator and try to do all the things you can do to increase your activity level."

Stress can also contribute to holiday weight woes. But watching your diet now could save you countless hours in the gym later.

"I would try and advise someone not to gain the weight during the holidays and then you won't feel so bad coming into January and for the New Year," Smith said.

Saving this year's resolution for something other than shedding the pounds.