Vehicle Crashes Through Bryan Business, Two Injured

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It was a frightening morning Friday for one Bryan business after a driver of a SUV blacked out, lost control of his vehicle and plowed into Techniques Hair Salon.

The accident happened about 11 a.m. on the corner of Villa Maria Road and William Joel Bryan Parkway.

"The room was dark and full of debris and you could hear people yelling," Witness Jim Joham said. "You could tell people were hurt. They were not really screaming, but they were in a lot of pain."

Joham was one of the first on scene. It didn't take him long to take action.

"A couple of people helped me pull out the debris and get everyone out safely," Joham said.

Police say John Cemino, 53, of Bryan was mysteriously parked on William Joel Bryan, when he started driving, lost control, crossed Villa Maria, and drove through the salon.

Three people and a baby were in the salon's back room.

"If they would have been in the first room it would have been over for everybody," Joham said. "It was really lucky that they were in the next room."

A hairdresser was cutting a woman's hair, when the wall came down and they were both pushed into another room.

The two were taken to St. Joseph Regional Health Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver was not injured.

"We were really relieved to see that the injuries were not as bad as we thought they were going to be, considering what we saw when we looked in," Joham said.

After investigating, crews cleared the scene and others looked on.
People were left wondering why a peaceful day turned tragic in only seconds.

The driver, Cemino, has not been charged in the incident.

Police believe he may have experienced a medical emergency.

At last check, the hairdresser, Gene Thornton, 46, was listed in fair condition. Her client, Jenny Cavin, 29, was listed in good condition.