Henderson Park is Expected to Open Soon

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From umbrella fountains, to skate ramps, to even baseball fields, Henderson Park is everything in one. The facility stretches over 50 acres of land in west Bryan, which at one time was occupied by HUD housing.

"In this area of town, this is the only park facility and we're hoping that the people that live here will use it that it will be theirs and they take ownership of the facility," said Park and Rec Manager, David Schmitz.

With exception to the Bryan Athletic Complex, Henderson Park is the largest park in the city.

Schmitz said with five little leagues and two adult baseball leagues in Bryan, Henderson's four new ballparks are sorely needed.

"Baseball is one of those sports that is very popular and the addition of these ball fields will help us meet the demand for baseball in town and maybe bring us some tournaments from outside," said Schmitz.

Rain caused a delay in work. Henderson Park was expected to open before Christmas, but now it's looking more like the end of this month.

"Because of all the rain last year being the third wettest year on record, didn't help us any and we lost at least two months of good construction time to the rain," said Schmitz.

Schmitz expects to have swimming classes and other activities at pool by mid May.