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Local Businesses Prepare for Super Bowl Sunday

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It's the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl Sunday and local businesses are gearing up for big crowds and stocking up their party supplies.

Ben Whaley, Co-Manager of Wal-Mart says, "People buy a lot of chips, make their sauces and the dips for the Super Bowl. Of course, work with our vendors, so we can give special prices on beer, cause alcohol go hand in hand with Super Bowl."

Food trays are also a popular item on the menu for most Super Bowl parties. Wal-Mart begins their preparations weeks in advance. The extra staff at the deli department start making their trays early Sunday morning, and have a few extra for those last minute customers.

"Our preps starts a couple weeks out. We order in extra supplies, packaging supplies--items needed for trays and sandwiches. There are meats and cheeses and all that kind of stuff," says Phyllis Barker, Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart.

"We look at other categories as well that will increase such as our grills in the garden center. Actually take an up turn during the season, we actually have those assembled and on hand ready to go for the weekend," adds Whaley.

Local bars in town are also getting prepared for the large crowds come Super Bowl Sunday.

Brian Byrom, Manager at Fox and the Hound says, "Tons and tons of prep work on food--making sure we have plenty of beer so we don't run out. We have a lot of door prizes for our bingo promotion that we do, t-shirts, hats, we're giving away an X-Box, DVD players and got some really good stuff."

No matter if you're the host of your own party, or headed out on the town to see your favorite team play. They're ready for ya!