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Aggies Survive Semester at Sea

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The 700 college students who signed up for a semester at sea, had no idea they would encounter an almost Titanic-like scenario.

Two weeks into a three month voyage, these college students learned a little more than they expected.

A giant wave crippled their ship, the Explorer, that served as a floating campus for the students.

Among them were three Aggies.

"They've had a great time just getting the chance to go to so many different countries. They say they'll learn more in that semester than they would their whole college career at Texas A&M," says Study Abroad Advisor Lisa Tauferner.

Tauferner has been in touch with the student's families since the January 26 scare.

And although the students couldn't be reached for comment, their parents feel they are now in good hands.

"They felt perfectly safe with their daughters on board and they reported back that they're doing just great," says Tauferner.

The ship has docked in Hawaii until the ship is fixed.

And students will resume classes on Sunday.

But there were tense moments, when passengers didn't quite know what to expect.

"I tried to move the bed back and then I just moved to the ground, the bed was on top of me and I was in between the table," says one student.

The captain's resolve was tested too, trying to calm nearly a thousand passengers and manually steer the ship.

It turns out he is also a part of the Aggie Family.

"The captain of the ship is an Aggie, I was told by the mother of the daughters who are over there," says Tauferner.

The students will fly to Shanghai if the ship can not be repaired soon, missing their original destinations of Japan and Korea.

But back at home, Study Abroad advisors say incidents like this, no matter how scary, shouldn't deter going over or even on the seas.

"We live in a world now where technology makes it easier to keep in touch so no student or parent should worry about it because the experience abroad will add ten fold to their college career," says Tauferner.