Madisonville is Applying for a Low-Cost Housing Grant

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The city of Madisonville is in desperate need of more low-cost housing. City officials are applying for a grant from the Office of Rural Community Affairs.

If awarded the money, the city will develop single-family homes in the low 80's on a plot of land located off of FM 978.

Officials feel confident about their chance because they're only asking for a dozen or so homes.

"They don't want it to be sitting out there three years from now with the ground still out there with the infrastructure. They want homes being built and we're talking about 13 homes so it's not a big project, it's a doable project that we think can get done," said city manager, Tom Ginter.

The city will discuss the application process at a public hearing Monday, 5p.m. at the Madison County Extension Office.

Meanwhile, Huntsville found out it was denied a $400,000 grant to build low-cost housing. If awarded it, the city would have built a 51-home subdivision on the outskirts of town.