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Cell Phone Viruses

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Cell phones aren't just for talking anymore. Now they're cameras, instant messengers and even mini-Web browsers. But you may be downloading more to your phone than just that cool new ringtone.

People are using their cell phones for more than just talking. From text messaging and taking pictures, to watching t.v. and surfing the web.

"Well nowadays people are using their cell phones to download ringers, games, and screen savers," said Sprint Store Manager, Arnie Gonzalez.

It's that type of downloading that can cause big problems, because just like personal computers, cell phones can also get viruses. While it's not widespread now, it could be soon.

"Unfortunately viruses on cell phones, PDA's and Smart Phones is a growing concern and probably will be over the next four to five years. It will be a growing market for hackers and people who create viruses, " said KBTX Computer Expert Mike Albin.

Once your phone is infected, the virus can spread and shut down your cell phone.

"Your phone is just like your computer. If you download a ringer that has a virus, then your phone is basically going to die," said Gonzalez.

Some phones will show a warning message if the Web site you’re downloading from is not authorized by the phone's provider and you should also be aware of sites that advertise free downloads.

"It's kind of scary right now that a lot of this new technology has come out and the viruses are going to be a lot better and it could mess up your phone," said Sprint customer, Danny Ross.

With the ever changing cell phone technology, it's sometimes hard to keep up, but retailers warn customers to be cautious before doing any downloading.