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Steroid Use Among High School Athletes

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Some North Texas High School football players are coming clean about their steroid use.

Their confessions put the spot light on how rampant the problem is across the state, including the Brazos Valley.

Just last week, College Station Police made the biggest drug bust of the year, finding thousands of dollars worth of steroids.

Steroids have long been the dirty little secret of professional athletes.

But they've rarely been associated with high school athletes, but some say it's just as prevalent.

Nine Colleyville Football players have admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

A tell-all article about coaches turning the other way has A&M Consolidated Coach Jim Slaughter addressing his own suspicions.

"I do believe it's a problem with high school kids and I would bet there are kids here that do it," says Slaughter.

Coach Slaughter says he's dealt with athletes using steroids for years.

In another school district he refused to let some students compete because he suspected they were using steroids.

But just because a student is bulking up doesn't mean they're on steroids.

They could just be spending more time in the gym.

That's why coaches say the only definitive way to tell if your child is on steroids, is a drug test.

"It all comes back to hard work, there's really no short cut," says Ben Pollard.

Pollard is the director of strength training for the Texas A&M football team.

He says warning signs include...over training, mood swings or behavior changes including an increase in aggressiveness and injuries associated with rapid growth.

"Right now the only way to obtain them legally is through a doctor's prescription so when you have people getting them on a black market they don't know how to take it and any specific dosage," says Pollard.

And in the long run, steroids can damage a person's health.

"It's not the most important thing in life and you sure don't want to do anything just so you can be in athletics and perform now that's gonna hurt you later in life," says Slaughter.

In related news, Bash-brother Jose Canseco is writing a book about steroids in professional baseball.

In it, Canseco reveals he injected former teammate Mark McGwire with performance-enhancing drugs and was known himself as the chemist for his drug use.