Fire Contract, Downtown Buys Approved by Bryan Council

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Bryan's leaders have signed off on deals that would put new downtown property under the city's signature.

The ten site buys are part of what staff calls Downtown North, and are in Phase 3 of the on-going downtown revitalization effort, which so far has included extensive work on Main Street and Bryan Avenue.

Owners of the land signed off on the deals with the city, and that land could go towards uses like high-density residences.

"It also needs to coincide with other types of uses, services and retail," Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn says. "We'd like to see employment. We'd like to see just a really good mix. We also want to preserve that street level retail and office type uses."

Also Tuesday night, the council gave approval to a Fort Worth-based contractor for a nearly $3 million build of Bryan's fifth fire station, which will locate on the west side on Villa Maria.

Over the past year-and-a-half, the fire department has brought 18 new members on board who will staff the station, which Chief Mike Donoho says will fill a critical need to shorten response times on the west side.

"The land already belonged to the city," Donoho said. "It was park land. We had to get permission from parks and wildlife to put a fire station on that particular sight. That took about a year to do that engineering and design has taken about a year."

As per the contract, the new fire station will be complete in 270 days or less.