TCEQ Investigating Burleson County Hazardous Chemical Spill

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Several Burleson County residents are in the clear Wednesday, a day after an 18-wheeler overturned dumping 2,500 gallons of Methanol.

The environment's safety, however, is in question.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has ordered that all water be removed from a nearby creek.

Crews are pumping out the water which will be tested. Officials say the hazardous material has already killed several fish.

TCEQ is expected to test the soil next.

Several nearby residents were evacuated because of the spill, but were allowed back home about midnight.

Officials say the driver of the semi, was traveling north on Highway 36 when he lost control. The semi slammed into a guardrail and landed on its side, dumping the hazardous material on the roadway. The driver was not injured.

The Methanol vapors have dissipated and authorities say they are no longer harmful to people.