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Day Care Dilemma Part 2

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Parents are picky about who they choose to watch their children. Some believe their own home is the best fit for their child.

" I just couldn't see myself leaving my kids with anyone else," said Tiffany Browning, a stay at home mom.

Browning says the decision to be a stay at home mom was easy. She and her husband Greg wanted their two boys, Reagan and Preston, to grow up in their home and under their supervision.

" I think it's important that they learn our family values and that those are instilled in them. They have their whole lives to be in school," said Browning.

The Brownings say they can afford for Tiffany not to work and Tiffany says she didn't want to miss out on seeing the boys in their early stages of life.

" It's all those little things that I would miss all day long and I just couldn't see spending 9 to 10 hours of my day away for them. I enjoy the little things we do together, like the playing. I like picking up the same mess every day," said Browning.

The Brownings say the idea of leaving their children at a daycare didn't sit well with them and that a more intimate home environment works best for the boys.

For families who feel the same way, but can't afford for mom to stay at home, there are other options.

Dawn Oden runs a small day care from her home. She only cares for 6 children at a time. She says day cares like hers can be beneficial to parents.

"I know just by having children of my own that most kids, especially younger children feel the most loved and the safest in a home and I try on a daily basis to be an extension of that," said Oden.

Dawn says it also helps for younger children to have consistency and see the same face everyday. She says a structured environment is also helpful. She has a daily routine for the children and says whether you choose a large or small daycare, always pay attention to your instincts.

" When you walk in the door of a place, you will know. You won't have to go any further. You will get a feeling that this is where you need to be and where your child needs to be, " said Oden.