Local Bull Reaches 'Super Bowl' of Rodeo

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“South Point”, a bucking bull belonging to The Sammy Catalena Rodeo Company, was named top bull in the fifth round of the National Rodeo Finals being held in Las Vegas.

Seventy-six rodeo stock contractors from all over the world were invited to bring one hundred and twenty-five bucking bulls to the National Finals.

Clint Craig, from Mena, Arkansas scored an 89.5 atop “South Point” to win the Bull Riding event in the 5th round Monday night.

“He was the mystery bull. No one knew anything about him really." Craig said. "All we knew was that he had hooked somebody in the back end, that he had horns, and he was really mean, He acted like he had attitude in the chute.”

Catalena said his bull had a different attitude when it was time to work.

“Out in the pasture, you can do anything you want to with him," Catalena said. "He’s as gentle as he can be.”

Along with the prestige a top bull brings to his rodeo company, Catalena picked up a big belt buckle and a cash prize.

“For people in the rodeo business, the National Finals is like the Super Bowl,” Catalena said.