Romei Adds Racehorse to Defense Team

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An ex-Arts Council Director has added a famous legal thoroughbred to his defense stable. Legendary Texas attorney Richard "Racehorse" Haynes was introduced Thursday as the new lead counsel for P. David Romei.

Haynes, 80, was in town for Romei's arraignment on the final three charges on a seven-count indictment for theft of Arts Council and city of College Station funds. On behalf of his client, Haynes entered three more pleas of "not guilty." A tentative trial date was set for July 21.

Haynes rose to fame as the defense attorney for such notable clients as Cullen Davis, John Hill and Vicki Daniel. He said he decided to take on Romei's case after hearing from some old friends.

"Probably a dozen prominent A&M exes called me since all this started back when and asked me to be of some assistance to the defendant," said Haynes. "But what moved me really was some military people who I know who are still active. They were appreciative of the work he's done."