Full Arts Council Funding Approved by CS Council

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Near the end of yet another long College Station City Council meeting Thursday night, the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley got more good news.

Councilmembers voted in favor of fully funding the arts council for Fiscal Year 2008, this as allegations against former Director P. David Romei are being addressed in court.

Previously, the city council had approved two funding contracts worth $240,000. Thursday came approval of the final contract, worth $200,000.

The vote was not unanimous, however. As he had done in the previous two votes, Ron Gay said no to the funding. He believes there need to be more assurances in place that funding is secure.

Romei is accused of stealing arts and city money for his own personal purposes. Thursday, he pleaded not guilty to three of the four indictments. He had already pleaded guilty to the first.

Arts and city representatives have been meeting regularly to find ways to move forward with funding in the future. Both sides have talked optimistically about those discussions.