Medical Center Bed Towers

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Thursday was a big day for College Station's Medical Center, as the hospital unveiled a new bed tower. This new addition allows the center to treat and better care for patients, and it may even help attract new doctors.

Years of hard work are finally complete. Community leaders got a first hand look at the new 32 million dollar bed tower at the College Station Medical Center.

It's the next step in helping make the Brazos Valley a medical hub for doctors. The new bed tower comes equipped with nearly 70 patient beds and state of the art operating rooms.

" We've raised the bar here. The physicians here are practicing on a level of excellence that's on a national level and patients no longer have to outward migrate to seek specialty care," said Chief of Staff, Dr. Haywood Robinson.

The tower is the single largest healthcare project ever undertaken in the city of College Station. It's part of the reason more and more doctors are making the Brazos Valley their home. The Med has focused on recruiting to bring in more specialized doctors. The hospital also has a working relationship with medical students at Texas A&M. The biggest selling point might just be location.

" It's a great community. We get a lot of Aggies that come back here. People in general like to live in this community. It's a safe community, it's a small community, it's a university community and that brings a lot of people in," said Dr. Mark Brauer.

This bed tower was 3 years in the making but it will change the face of medical care in the region forever.

In addition to the new bed towers, the medical center is also undergoing major renovations. All in an effort to provide top quality health care for its patients.

Other renovations inside the hospital will be complete by this summer, including a new Women's Pavilion and a neo-natal intensive care unit.