Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

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It is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas trees date back to the 16th century and today many households don't go without them.

It is also a holiday tradition for many to pick out a real Christmas tree, but selecting the perfect one is no easy task.

"They have a good time doing it," Wesley Gideon with The Farm Patch said. "Some people spend four to five hours looking for a tree that's the right one."

When they find it, the feeling is instant.

"My mom always tries to get the one out of the box that is easier to put up, and dad and I won't do anything else but the real tree," College Station resident Robert Henson said.

For many, this tradition puts the spirit into the holiday season.

"A lot of people and family members are allergic to the cedar so we come to Aggie land to get a Christmas tree," Robertson County resident Marjorie Henson said.

The pros that come year after year know the tricks of the trade when making a selection.

"Make sure the needles don't fall off in your hand, make sure you get a fresh cut when you buy the tree and keep it in water when you get it to the house," Gideon said. "Also, make sure it never falls below the bottom of the trunk with water."

When you get it home, experts say avoid fire dangers. Don't place it next to the fireplace or heating vent.

If you follow all directions, your Christmas tree should last from the day after Thanksgiving to mid-January.