U.S. Refuses One-On-One North Korea Talks

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The White House is rejecting North Korea's demand for one-on-one talks on its nuclear weapons program.

Press Secretary Scott McClellan says there'll be plenty of opportunity to talk -- if the North Koreans return to six-way meetings that include America and the country's neighbors.

The Korean demand came a day after Pyongyang announced it now
has a nuclear arsenal. U-S officials have long assumed the North
has a small number of weapons. But the White House said the
announcement served to further isolate the Communist regime.

McClellan says the nuclear standoff is "not an issue between North Korea and the United States, it's a regional issue." The talks include South Korea, Japan, China and Russia.

North Korea says American agreement to direct talks would signal
an easing of Washington's "hostile" attitude. But McClellan says
the North has no reason to believe anybody's going to attack.