CSFD's New Fire Truck in Service

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The College Station Fire Department is reaching new heights, thanks to a new piece of equipment.

An aerial ladder truck housed at College Station Fire Station Number 2 can extend 100 feet and reach as high as the seventh floor of a building.

"This actually has a platform on the end of it that two firefighters could be in," College Station Fire Department Assistant Chief Jon Mies said. "They could work to rescue people. It also has the capability of flowing 2,000 gallons of water per minute out of the end of the truck."

Fire officials say the truck will not only help increase the safety of the community, but also the safety of firefighters.

This vehicle will be staffed by four personnel.

The fire department staffs five fire engines, one ladder truck, three ambulances, one aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle and one command vehicle 24 hours each day.