Despite Recall, Health Department Encouraging HIB Vaccinations

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The Brazos County Health Department was quick to action after a recall of more than a million doses of a popular childhood vaccine.

"We were concerned we did check our vaccine to make sure our vaccine was not effected by that," Julie Anderson with the Health Department said.

The latest recall of the HIB vaccine, used to protect against meningitis and pneumonia, was recalled by the drug's manufacturer Merck due to contamination threats.

The vaccine is commonly given to young children in a series of shots beginning at just two months of age.

Fortunately, it wasn't the brand used by the health department.

"We are notified by the state of Texas almost instantaneously by email and then a follow up call so we know," Anderson said. "Then we report daily temperature logs and we review our vaccines two times daily.

Health officials say it's crucial to not only keep a close eye on the temperature of the vaccines they store in house but also the recalls on the market.

With the large number of the HIB doses off the market some fear it may create a shortage of the vaccine. But right now officials say that's not the case.

"There should be enough to go around," Anderson said. "There certainly should not be a shortage of the vaccine we are not anticipating one."

Health experts are still encouraging parents to make sure their child is vaccinated. They say the benefits of getting the vaccine far outweighs the risks.