Sunday Afternoon Power Outage Affects 200 College Station Utilities Customers

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Sunday night more than 3,500 homes across Texas are without power, during one of the hottest summers we've seen in recent history.

East Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are currently being affected the most.

However the Brazos Valley has not been immune to the outages, nor to the scorching temperatures.

Approximately 200 College Station Utilities customers were left in the dark and without air conditioning around 4 o'clock.

The outage affected a number of customers in the Shenandoah subdivision in the southern part of town.

The Walkup Family, like several others, lost power for more than two hours.

"We had been outside I heard the compressor kick off, heard a couple neighbors say that their power was out. Everybody along this block had no power," said David Walkup, who lives on Norfolk Court.

The cause of the outage is still being investigated.