TEA Appeals Won by Bryan, Madisonville Districts

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Bryan's Jane Long Middle School has won its appeal of a TEA rating.

Previously, TEA said Long had not met Adequate Yearly Progress requirements, but the district appealed on what they called a technical error.

Madisonville ISD and its intermediate school also won appeals and have met requirements.

The following is an Associated Press report detailing how other schools fared in the appeals process. The complete school listing is linked at the end of the story.

AUSTIN -- Almost 88 percent of Texas schools met federal progress rules under No Child Left Behind after 73 campuses appealed -- and had their status upgraded.

The Texas Education Agency today reports 664 of the states 8,061 campuses failed to meet the requirements, known as adequate yearly progress.

Those requirements gauge schools based on students performance on standardized tests in reading/language arts and math, as well as either graduation or attendance rates.

Of those schools that didn't meet adequate yearly progress -- 485 are subject to sanctions.

If a campus or district fails to meet adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years, that campus or district is subject to certain requirements. The list includes offering supplemental education services, offering school choice or taking other corrective actions.

A total of 203 campuses appealed, but only 73 were upgraded.