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Tyler Varvel Remembered

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Monday was the first day back at school for Franklin students since the loss of their classmate, 14-year-old Tyler Varvel.

And it's been only days since Varvel's family lost their youngest son to a staph infection.

Memories of Tyler, and the words he wrote in this journal are what Sandy and Dennis Varvel cling to.

""When life gets tough I go to Jesus for help. I pray and ask him for help and that makes me feel better." So maybe God used Tyler to help other people and maybe he hung on this long because he knew other people would help us," says Sandy Varvel, reading from her son's journal.

Just a month before his 15th Birthday, Tyler Varvel died of a staph infection in his lungs.

His family was by his side when as he passed away peacefully.

"There's no doubt in our mind that Tyler's in a better place, we just miss him," says Sandy Varvel.

Now his words are a comfort to his parents.

""I want to be remembered for being nice, I also want to be remembered for being a good athlete and a good friend,"" reads Sandy Varvel.

Tyler's classmates are doing all they can to support Tyler's parents. And they're leaning on each other to mourn the loss of a friend they say everybody loved.

"It's been very stressful on the students and staff of course, their thoughts and prayers have been with Tyler and his family throughout this," says Franklin High School Principal Charles Frieda.

Tyler was initially admitted to the hospital for headaches.

The staph infection was discovered but for a short time, he was making progress.

A family friend began a website that Tyler's parents say was a gift.

"Through that website we had people from all over giving us support, it was very nice, very comforting," said Dennis Varvel.

And that support has continued after Tyler's death.

"We are family here at Franklin High School and we have to lean on each other, support each other," says Frieda.

Tyler Varvel will never be forgotten, not by his parents, not by his classmates, and not by the town rallied around a teenager who had so much to live for.

You can donate to Tyler's Memorial Scholarship by calling Jerri Hughes, Franklin High School Counselor 979-828-3236 or at P.O. Box 909 Franklin, Texas 77856.

Tyler's funeral services will be Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Church of Christ in Franklin.

Visitation will also be at the Church of Christ from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday.