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Local Affects on the Proposed Budget Cuts

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The Lincoln Recreation Center provides a variety of social services to people who live in College Station, but its mostly used for their afterschool programs.

Thanks to federally funded grants, the center was able to get new additions like a multi-purpose basketball court, an indoor gymnasium, and a few more classrooms to better serve their community.

Lance Jackson, Recreation Center Supervisor says, "Those CDBG funds have been used to impact this community whether it be housing or improvements to the center. Its been quite an impact so much that i've seen people renewed and revitalized and have a more positive outlook on what's going on in this community."

The Community Development Block Program provides about $2 million a year to the city of College Station, which spends it on everything from sidewalks to social services. It also funds much of the housing department, which is focused on affordable homeownership in both College Station and Bryan.

Randy Brumley, Community Development Administrator for College Station says, "The home program can be used for funds of down payment assistance, first time home buyer programs, and senior citizen housing."

President Bush's proposed budget is looking at making cuts to some of these grants. Although its still in the preliminary stages...Brumley is staying optimistic.

"They tell me our grants are still here. We know we're gonna be receiving for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget cuts to both of our grants, that may or may not happen." says Brumley.

If passed, these budget cuts won't go into effect til October of 2006.