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Wounded Hawk Euthanized

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Hawks are federally protected but they still remain a target for harm.

In the past week, two hawks have been shot.

"It breaks my heart," says Charli Rohack, Director of Eyes of Texas, a wildlife rescue organization.

Rohack has been rescuing wild animals for seven years.

Tuesday she had to take a red-tailed hawk to be euthanized because it was shot in the shoulder.

"We work so hard to save these guys. When you look into their eyes your looking into its soul and it hurts," says Rohack.

Rohack says many people don't know its illegal to shoot wild birds, such as hawks...but some know the law and break it anyway.

"We should be able to live in harmony. These guys have every right to be here," says Rohack.

According to federal law it's a misdemeanor to hunt, capture or kill a migratory bird.

Punishment includes a $500 fine and six months in jail.

Even if the bird is living here, it's still illegal.

It's a felony if a person captures the bird to sell it, punishable by up to $2,000 and two years in jail.

Rohack says some ranchers shoot the hawks to protect their chickens.

But owl decoys or even a dog trained to scare away the birds are a better and legal solution.

"There's no open season on birds," says Rohack.

Just last week a red-shouldered hawk was shot and the admitted culprit has been fined.

But unless witnesses come forward it's hard to pin point those responsible.

In the meantime, Rohack says the species suffers each time a bird is harmed.

"It's just so happens it's mating season. She probably already has eggs and who ever shot this hawk has probably wiped out an entire generation," says Rohack.

Also according to federal law, if a hawk can not be released back into the wild or cannot be placed in a reserve...it has to be euthanized.

Something Charli Rohack says hurts us all.

The red-tailed hawk was found on OSR in Brazos County.

If you would like to report any illegal activity call the Game Warden at 260-1372.