Grinches Destroy Local Family's Christmas Plans

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When Wendy Vaughn noticed the family dog was missing from the yard Wednesday, she knew something was wrong at her home.

"That's just not normal," Vaughn said. "The dog is always in the gate."

After unlocking the front door, Vaughn learned just how wrong, when she and her son met inside the house at the same time.

"I had asked him, how did you get through there," Vaughn said. "He said, 'The back door was open.' "

A quick survey of the house, revealed 15 presents under the Christmas tree were gone.

Vaughn says the suspects did not stop with taking just the gifts.

"I had a DVD player in my child's room that was taken and one in our room was taken," Vaughn said.

The upset mother says crooks also stole a game cube, video games, two DVD players, DVD's and some of her husband's tools from his tool box.

Vaughn says Bryan police officers believe at least two suspects broke in, packed up the loot and escaped by fleeing through a field behind the house.

"It's just a big blow right before Christmas," Vaughn said. "I don't have the money to go back, you know, to redo everything."

Naturally, Vaughn's disbelief is now anger because burglars not only sacked up her four children's Christmas into a stolen pillowcase, but they also stole their sense of safety.

"They're really not worried about the gifts," Vaughn said. "They're scared, they don't want to be here. They don't want to sleep here. All of them piled up in one room last night to be together."

Vaughn is hoping the crooks will get a dose of Christmas spirit which may make them return the stolen items or turn themselves into police.

With Christmas morning only days away, she refuses to let them completely steal the happiness of Christmas from her kids and family.

"It will be a joyous Christmas we will make it work," Vaughn said defiantly. "They will get everything they asked for and everything they want. God willing it will happen."