Grand Jury Indicts Alleged Shooter, Accused Dealer

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He's alleged to have shot four people in one of a string of gang shootings in Bryan. Now, he's heading to trial.

Pablo Prado, 20, was indicted by a Brazos County grand jury Thursday. He faces four counts of aggravated assault in connection with an October 4 shooting on West Carson.

The four people shot all survived. It was the first of three consecutive shootings in the city.

Also indicted was Anthony Oliver, also of Bryan. The 37-year-old was arrested in October as part of an undercover effort.

Authorities say Oliver was helping in the sale of crack, and following his arrest for that sale, cops searched his car. That's where they found four full bottles of PCP.

The amount was enough to charge Oliver with a first degree felony for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

Both Prado and Oliver remained in Brazos County Jail Thursday night.