Huntsville High Parents Upset About Disciplinary Actions

Some Huntsville parents are up in arms over the way students are being disciplined at the high school.

A group protested outside the Huntsville ISD administration building Thursday evening prior to going before trustees.

They're upset that a basketball player was suspended after a female trainer accused him of an inappropriate act on a bus trip.

"They (Parents) don't feel like they (the school) even thoroughly investigated before they took action. They assume guilt before they investigate," said Erskin Hill, the president of Black People For Justice.

Huntsville ISD Superintendent Richard Montgomery disagrees.

"We have a situation where a student has been charged with an infraction of the student code of conduct, as well as a criminal offense. The district attorney's office and grand jury will take care of the criminal side of it. The school district has taken care of the student side of it," said Montgomery.

Demonstrators say they have other examples of unfair punishments given out by the school.

The school board took no action on the matter Thursday, and officials say they can't comment on disciplinary actions.