A Local Entrepreneur Is Doing Well

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"We didn't know anything about furniture or anything about business. We just started building chairs in my garage." says Rebecca Boenigk, Owner of Neutral Posture.

At the age of 17, a dissertation her father was working on about comfortable chairs turned out to be a great business move for Rebecca Boenigk and her family.

"We specialize in task intensive seating which means if you have people working on a computer six, seven, eight hours a day, we can keep them comfortable the whole time their working." says Boenigk.

Neutral Posture is a Bryan-based manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs. Being a woman, in a male dominated role presented obstacles, at first.

"I ran into a situation with bankers who would say things like 'oh honey, you can't beat those sale projections' or 'are you sure you're in the right business? Don't you think there are other things you should be doing as a woman?' to hear things like that from bankers really caught me off guard."

But she didn't let that get in the way and for the past decade...the tables are turned. It's those bankers who are soliciting for her business. Neutral Posture is the only woman-owned furniture manufacturer in the United States.

About 200 to 500 chairs are made here everyday. Their orders range from local to an international level.

Rebecca's success has landed her on the cover of numerous magazines across the country. She will join keynote presenter, Barbara Walters as a business panelist at a National Conference for Women Business Owners at then end of the month. Quite an accomplishment for a woman, who grew up Bryan.

Boenigk adds, "I think the biggest thing in a successful business is the team of people. My mom raised me to believe in myself and have the confidence. When you surround yourself with great people it makes it easy to accomplish your dreams."

Rebecca is looking forward to teaching other women about success in business. Not bad for a small town girl, with big dreams.