Packing Holiday Traveling Tips for the Christmas Trip

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Santa is not the only one making a list and checking it twice. Millions of travelers are hoping not to forget something as they pack up and head out to take part in the Christmas mad dash.

If you happen to be among the millions hitting the road, College Station Police Officer Rachel Fallwell says you should remember that some drivers on the highways could be celebrating a little too early.

"A lot of times your driving may be good but someone else's may not," Fallwell said. "They may be under the influence of alcohol or another illegal substance. "

Before beginning your journey Fallwell says you should give your vehicle the once over.

"Make sure all the fluids and tires are good and ready to go."

In addition to those favorite CD's, Fallwell says to remember to take your cell phone and car adapter.

She suggests you pay close attention to construction signs and posted speed limits.

Should you need to pull of the road for any reason, be extra cautious that you are not navigating into the path of an unattentive driver.

"Pull all the way off from the shoulder," Fallwell said. "If you don't have a shoulder pull off as far off the road as you can."

Fallwell also cautions that when going up a hill, make sure to pull over only after making it all the way over. Do not stop over the crest and never stop on a curve.

And even before you take to the road make sure you are well-rested.

"If you go and you're tired you may start to fall asleep on the road and then you're just as dangerous as if you were under the influence of alcohol," Fallwell.

As always law enforcement officials are urging all drivers not to drink and drive and to buckle-up.

"Make sure that you're wearing your seatbelts because we're going to be out watching to make sure everybody is safe," Fallwell said. " We want everybody to have a safe holiday."