Caldwell Habitat Chapter To Begin

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A small community is working hard to make a big impact in their town.

Caldwell residents are making their own chapter of Habitat for Humanity, but before anything can be built, there is more work to do.

Caldwell residents take pride in their community.

But one thing's always been missing.

Barry Rose is one of about fifty people determined to do something about it.

"There's been a need and a lot of people have had it in the back of their mind," says Rose.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Caldwell has been a long time coming.

Reverend Steve Stigler has spear-headed the effort that he says could revitalize the entire community.

"We just got permission to use the habitat name so we are now in the process of becoming a full fledged member of Habitat," says Stigler.

Caldwell hasn't done it on it's own. The community looked to the success of Bryan's Habitat chapter for guidance.

Organizers hope to mirror that success in their small community.

"Our thinking is any benefit to any family in our town helps out everybody," says Stigler.

Once the organization is established in Caldwell, building will expand beyond the city limits to neighboring communities.

"For right now we're going to stay in Caldwell but we also have Snook, Tunis, we'll be able to branch out to those places," says Rose.

The Caldwell chapter is in need of land and money before the first house can be built.

While there's no specific location for habitat homes, the plan is build where there's a need.

One thing the chapter has a lot of, is community support.

"The word on the street is very positive and a week doesn't go by when people don't come up to me and ask how it's going," says Stigler.

And if things continue to go well, a family could be in their new home this time next year.

If you would like to donate to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Caldwell, an account has been set up at the State Bank in Caldwell.