Local Linemen Come to Man's Rescue

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Mike Ferro and John Eiman weren't expecting to do anything but line-work Friday afternoon, but at half-past one, the two BTU lineman did some life-work instead.

"We saw the smoke in the sky and we thought there was something going on at the fire school," said Ferro. "So as we drove closer toward it, we saw it wasn't the fire school."

In fact, it was a barn along F&B Road that had erupted in flame. An elderly man inside had been working on his tractor when there was an explosion, the cause of which is still unknown

"Immediately, I grabbed the radio and started calling dispatch and telling them we needed fire trucks," said Eiman. "And about that time, the guy popped up in the grass, and I said I needed an ambulance."

"I needed to get to him as soon as I could, which I did," said Ferro. "And he had already got out of the barn and managed to roll on the ground at put himself out. His jacket did catch on fire."

As Ferro pulled the man to safety, Eiman freed a dog caged near the barn. Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and battled the blaze for a little more than an hour. The man was taken to College Station Medical Center, treated for smoke inhalation and first degree burns on his head and upper body, and discharged early Friday evening. Undoubtedly, if it wasn't for these quick-thinking lineman, it could have been much worse.

"Neither of us panicked," said Eiman. "We knew what we had to do, and we just did it."

"In our line of business, anything can happen, so we react to any other situations just like we would our own," said Ferro.

But hopefully the next time they're out on a call, they won't be called into action like that again, even though they are ready for it.