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Scouts Provide Sweets for Soldiers

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You've undoubtedly noticed the young ladies of the Girl Scouts dishing out Double Dutches and Do-si-Dos around town. But if you've already bought a box, or even if you haven't, you might consider sending some Tagalongs to Tikrit, or maybe some All-Abouts to Abu Ghraib.

The effort is called "Sweets for the Soldiers." Local scout troops are asking buyers to tack on an extra cookie purchase to be sent to American forces overseas.

"Going door to door, we've offered that to people as well," said Sandy Morgan, who leads Troop 1090, "and a lot of people have bought their cookies and offered money to buy a box for the soldiers as well."

"I heard that it's for the soldiers, and anything for the soldiers, I will do," said Jessica Miller, who bought cookies Saturday. "My brother's actually in the Air Force, and he's going to be deployed to Iraq in May. Anything I can do for them, I would."

Some of the cookies will be sent to Fort Hood and then shipped over to Iraq. Others will go to soldiers recuperating in military hospitals. And then there are those sweets that will go to the soldiers closest to the hearts of those here in the Brazos Valley.

"I've got some families whose sons are in Iraq," said Morgan, "and they're doing up care packages as well. So we're going to get them to them."

And really, what soldier in Sadr City would scorn Samoas?

"It's a big thing for them," Morgan continued. "They love their meals also, but when it comes to the cookies or candies or anything like that, they really appreciate it."

When asked why it's important for the troops to receive treats, Girl Scout Mollie Morgan said, "it's fun when they get the cookies, and because it's so tasty."

A Thin Mint in Mosul does go a long way.