Population Rise Means Less Texas Elbow Room

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WASHINGTON (AP) - More people want to be Texans.

New Census Bureau figures show Texas with just over 23.9 million people as of July.

The estimate is reached by measuring births, deaths and migration into and out of each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The Associated Press reports this year's state population estimates are consistent with previous years that show high-growth states like Texas will likely gain seats in Congress.

The fastest-growing states continue to be in the Rocky Mountain region and the Southeast.

Texas had the seventh-fastest growth by percentage -- at 2.1percent -- having drawn about 500,000 new residents since July 2006.

California remains the nation's most populous state with about 37 million people, followed by Texas.

The total U.S. population as of July 1st is estimated at 301.6 million.