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TAKS Test Improvements

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This week marks the beginning of the TAKS testing season. Teachers have been busy preparing students for the test for months.

Last year schools were introduced to a new and tougher version of the TAKS test. Test scores statewide dropped from previous years, but on this second time around, some districts believe they've identified weaknesses and are better prepared.

Bryan and College Station's school districts, along with many others in the state, saw a need to work on improving math and science scores.

"We've worked hard over the summer to come up with some activities, things to do in the classroom to help strengthen that," said Theresa Robinson, a math and science teacher at Johnson elementary.
She has worked closely with students and other teachers to help pull up math and science scores.

"I think activities are more hands on than they've been, more child oriented. So I think that helps them retain the info they need," said Robinson.

"Our goal is that we want our children to be comfortable and confident with their abilities when they take that test," said Linda Madden, BISD Instruction and Assessment Executive Director.

Third, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth graders will be taking the test starting Tuesday. While teachers emphasize the importance of doing well on the test, they don't want to put too much pressure on students.

"I think that students and teachers are adjusting well to the high level of rigor on this new test," said Madden.

"I've seen an improvement in the pre-test that we've given them. The post testing showed improvement," said Robinson.

As for the confidence and morale in Bryan schools.

"The confidence level is good because we're better prepared this year," said Robinson.