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Congressman Holds Town Hall Meetings

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U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards begins his town hall tour of the Brazos Valley.

The first stop is Navasota where every issue was fair game and no topic off limits.

Congressman Edwards chose Navasota to be his first stop because the town has a history of open forums and communication.

"Somebody's benefiting and we don't have the will to fix it," said one Navasota resident.

From social security to immigration, Navasota residents were happy to speak their mind to Congressman Chet Edwards.

"I learn something every time I meet with constituents. It was very clear to me they are concerned over several issues and I share those concerns," says Edwards.

Edwards is touring District 17 and making five stops in the Brazos Valley.

Mayor Pat Gruner says getting a rural perspective is important.

"He hasn't forgotten about Navasota. It's important to be remembered by our representatives. We appreciate Congressman Edwards not forgetting about us," says Gruner.

And it was a good chance for residents to sound off, many were senior citizens hopeful that social security can be reformed before their grandchildren retire.

"It's wonderful for citizens of all ages to come here not just to learn but to get their questions answered," says Gruner.

At times the issue of abortion and school prayer heated the conversation, but Edwards says it's the freedom to disagree that makes America the country it is.

"I think this was what a town hall meeting is all about. There was disagreement but that's what democracy was all about," says Edwards.

Edwards continues his town hall tour in Snook at 9:30 Tuesday morning.

Then on to Madisonville at 2:30.

And Wednesday Edwards stops in both Hearne and Franklin.

In Bryan, Edwards is taking credit for $200,000 on its way to St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

The congressman met with the board Tuesday to talk about next year's funding priorities.

The $200,000 is already secured will go towards renovating the emergency room at St. Joseph hospital in Navasota.

Edwards says the number of uninsured patients in Grimes County puts a heavy burden on the emergency room.

And the money will help give the hospital the resources it needs to keep up.