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Scotty's House Looks for a New Home

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Scotty's House now is 1,900 square feet. With eight employees and over 400 kids coming through its doors last year, and that's not a whole lot of room. Monday, 11 Texas A&M students made their pitch to remedy that.

"They've just kind of conceptualized our dream and made it look real," said Scotty's House executive director Linda Patton.

The dream is for a bigger home for the Brazos Valley's abused children and their families. The staff and board members asked the architecture students to come up with concepts for a new house. The designs presented Monday gave the organization double, and in some cases, triple the space.

"They have understood what our mission is," said Sheriff Chris Kirk, who is a part of the board. "They understand the importance of our services, and they also recognize the importance of having a home-like setting."

The students got a first-hand look at Scotty's House, it's mission the last 10 years, and where the organization wants to go in the future.

"I think what they liked was the cozy, home-like, safe feeling of Scotty's House," said Patton. "Although we wanted to expand the space, we wanted to maintain that safe, neutral feeling for families."

The board will look at the suggestions Thursday and continue their quest for a new home.

"It's not something that we're just doing on paper, and it's not something that we're just going to put in a portfolio," said student architect Brian Bedford. "It's something that possibly could mean so much more to kids, and other people from here on out."

"I think it's very important," said A&M student Ana Tellez, "and I think that drives us even more to want to give back to the community and actually be proud to design something like this."