Democrats, Republicans On the Campaign Trail in Iowa

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DENISON, Iowa (AP) - Presidential candidates from both parties made a last push Saturday before Thursday's Iowa caucuses.

Republican Mitt Romney has made a series of quick stops at coffee shops around the state. His campaign scheduled six stops in an effort to get him in front of as many people as possible.

Meanwhile, rival Mike Huckabee spoke to a small crowd at a hunting goods company. He lashed back at political ads attacking him, saying voters don't want a president whose campaign is based on what's wrong with someone else. The ads were put out by the Romney campaign.

The two are in a close race for first place among Republicans.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is touting her experience as a senator and first lady.

Barack Obama spoke to a group of undecided voters, biting back at criticism that he's too inexperienced and too nice for the presidency.

John Edwards insisted that he's never taken money from special interest groups while campaigning, and called on some controversial groups -- even those supporting him -- to stop their activities.

Polls show Edwards, Obama and Clinton to be locked in a tight race among Democrats.