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Kidnap Proofing Your Child

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College Station police are still looking for a possible child abductor after reports that a man tried to lure a student into his car earlier this month. You can't guard your children every second, but you can educate them should they be faced with abduction.

According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 60,000 children will be abducted this year. It's a frightening number for parents to hear, even more frightening is the thought that it could be their own child. The best defense to help prevent kidnapping could be teaching your child self defense.

"It helps build confidence, if they feel like they can learn how to do basic self defense techniques, punching, kicking, that sort of thing," said Robert Smith, a self defense instructor.

Smith and his wife teach martial arts which incorporates self defense tactics. The Smiths work with young children, teaching practical moves that could help a child escape from an abductor.

"The younger they start the better because when kids are five, six, seven years old, they're able to grasp things a lot faster and retain it longer," said Smith.

Kidnapping doesn't happen very often in our area, but that doesn't make children completely safe. Many child abductions have happened in broad daylight.

"It could happen anywhere. You hear about it all the time and that's really a parent’s worst nightmare," said Jennifer Speer, a mother of two girls.

Speer says she keeps a close eye on her two daughters.

"My kids are pretty friendly, so it's a little difficult sometimes, but I just make sure they're always with me," said Speer.

She says she's considering enrolling her girls in a self defense class when they get older.

"What we recommend people to do is make sure they take precautions and teach their children early how to take precaution so if something like that should occur, they might be able to defend themselves," said Smith.

The city of Bryan offers martial arts and self defense classes for kids and adults. For more information call the Neal Recreation Center at 979-209-5210.