A Saving Grace for Hungry Residents

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Delores Thompson waits patiently for what she calls her saving grace. She comes to the Brazos Church Pantry once every three months to get food for her husband and herself. Because she is disabled and social security is running out, the pantry is her last hope.

"I don't know what we would do if we didn't come here," Thompson said.

On this day, Delores has been approved to start coming to the pantry once a month. "There are other people like me that just don't have enough to eat," she said.

The Brazos Church Pantry is the only local pantry open six days a week, and they serve some 10,000 people each year. Volunteers work tirelessly to help those less fortunate. And without the supply of food from the Brazos Food Bank, their work would not be possible.

Some days the waiting room is packed with people whose shelves are bare. Others only one or two are in need, but everyone comes for the same thing: food and a warm smile.

"It's a service that is important and that's why we do it," said Don Woods of the pantry.

Delores leaves with one less burden to carry, knowing the Food Bank and pantry are taking care of her and her family.

Wednesday, KBTX and the Brazos Food Bank will hold the ninth annual Food for Families Food Drive from 5:30 AM until 10:30 PM. KBTX personalities will be at the Brazos Center throughout the day helping to collect food for the bank, and we'll be broadcasting live from the site of the drive. Last year's drive garnered $41,000 and over 200,000 pounds of food for the bank.