Navasota School Improvements Okayed By Voters

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Navasota voters have spoken, and the school improvements they rejected only three months ago will now go forward.

Back in September, three propositions were all lumped together into one $25 million bond issue, which failed at the polls by 30 votes. But Saturday, the two propositions concerning renovation and expansion of some of Navasota ISD's schools won by a wide margin.

The first proposition dealt with an $18 million improvement to an elementary school. The second concerned a $5 million update to Navasota High School.

The third issue dealt with the $2 million renovation of Navasota High School's athletic fields, and although the margin was much closer, it was also accepted by voters.

The district's superintendent, David Faltys, said Saturday night he was thrilled with the decision, and credited the district's ability to further inform the community about the issues. Faltys was also pleasantly surprised by the voter turnout.

The first proposition passed 868 to 568. The second was approved by voters by a margin of 803 to 526. The third passed 774 to 639.