Despite New Marijuana Law, Some Still Being Jailed

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DALLAS -- Many Texans busted for misdemeanor marijuana possession reportedly are still being jailed. That's despite a new state law that allows police to issue a citation instead of making an arrest.

Texas lawmakers had hoped the law, which took effect September 1st, would ease jail overcrowding. But some prosecutors worried what message getting a mere ticket for pot possession might send.

Collin County prosecutor Greg Davis tells The Dallas Morning News that it might "lead some people to believe that drug use is no more serious than double parking."

The newspaper reports the Travis County Sheriff's Department is the only law enforcement agency in the state known to be taking advantage of the new legislation.

Prosecutors in Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties said they have no plans to set up a system dealing with citations for misdemeanor possession, which is less than four ounces of marijuana.