Losing the Weight Well Into 2008

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If you made a resolution for the new year, odds are losing weight or staying in shape are on that list. However, continuing the workout long in to the year often gets hard.

One local gym already has plans in place to keep people motivated well into 2008.

"We see quite a few more people this time of year," Aerofit Membership Consultant Mark Alexander said. "Everybody's making their resolutions."

Only two days into the new year, and local gyms are buzzing. However, the early rush has some wondering just how long the crowds will last.

"Everybody wants to make these commitments and unfortunately a lot of people get side tracked. They just lose focus," Alexander said.

Alexander says the number one reason people don't renew their membership or just quit going to the gym is because they are not seeing results. That's why health experts are setting this year's crop of resolutionists up for success.

"We give them phone calls if we notice they haven't been in the gym for a while," Alexander said. "Give them a call and see what's going on in their lives."

He says motivation is key. Working out with friends, family or others with similar goals also tends to keep people on the right track.

However, for those who find all the different equipment and types of exercises a little bit intimidating, or those who need a little added push, getting the help of a personal trainer may be your best option.

"It's a lot harder to blow off your day at the gym when you know you have to meet somebody and they're waiting on you, so they're going to provide that encouragement, that motivation," Alexander said.

In the end, the best way to see results is to put in the time. It is hard work, but that's why they call it a workout.