12th Man Foundation Shows Fans How to Spot Fake Football Tickets

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Tickets to Texas A&M home football games are a hot commodity that people are willing to spend a lot of money on.

However, the 12th Man Foundation says people who buy tickets from scalpers, or on web sites like Craigslist, should keep an eye out for fakes.

"We have seen it with a lot of our games. Obviously Alabama, which may have been the game of the century for Texas A&M, we saw the most counterfeit tickets for that," said Alyx Comacho, 12th Man Foundation Assistant Vice President Ticketing.

A&M officials say they encountered 50 counterfeit tickets for the Alabama game. Even more were reportedly handled by law enforcement.

Comacho says some counterfeit tickets are made better than others, but there are ways for fans to spot fakes before they get to the gate:

- Legitimate season tickets have embossed lettering.
- Fans should pay close attention to the size and coloring of each ticket.

Comacho says there is also a fool proof way to tell the difference.

"The tickets are thermal, so they have a built in security system on the tickets," said Comacho.

He says if you scratch the back of a real ticket with a coin, an A&M logo will appear.

Comacho says counterfeiting comes with having such a successful and loved football team, so he hopes sharing these tricks will save Aggie fans time and money.

University officials say there are two web sites where fans can buy legitimate tickets online - the 12th Man Foundation's web site and the Texas A&M Flash Seats web site.