Salvation Army Broken Into Again

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For the third time since it moved to their new location on Cavitt Street in Bryan, the Brazos County Salvation Army was broken into, and anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 was stolen.

The burglary was discovered early this morning. Captain Henry Houston stopped by the building before church this morning, and noticed a desk chair sitting outside the building. When he checked, Houston found a side door broken into, and a number of rooms in the building ransacked.

It appears the only thing taken was a safe containing checks and cash from mail-in donations. The desk chair may have been used to roll the safe outside.

"When your spirits are down and you know you just lost a bunch of money that you're not going to get, it's kind of hard to have a great Christmas spirit," said Houston. "But you've got to remember what you're here for, and that's helping people."

Houston also said next week, he'll look into buying a new safe, as well as an alarm system for the building. The Salvation Army relocated to their Cavitt Street building this past June.

If you have any information, call the Bryan Police Department at 775-TIPS.