Monday Rainfall Floods Brazos County Courthouse, Causing Delays in Renovations

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It has been three days since the rain came crashing down here in the Twin cities. In fact, the rain was so powerful it caused major damage to the roof of the Brazos County Courthouse-- causing more harm to the newly renovated building. Three days later, employees are still assessing damage control.

While Sunday night's rain storm is over; the worries from the damage it caused at the Brazos County Courthouse are not.

"The carpet seems to be dried out now and they'll steam clean the carpets and you know we'll see how it looks then," said Brazos County Judge Duane Peters.

The courthouse has been under construction for more than a year, but the heavy rainfall triggered a leak on the roof which had many officials up early Monday morning rushing to salvage anything they could inside the newly renovated first floor.

"You know we got water from the roof all the way down," explained Peters. "This was really the finished area so this is the area that we hated it to happen the most because it was already finished."

Officials say the flooding is yet another set back; soaking important legal documents and books.

"We had about a quarter of an inch of water that flowed through here and did soak some paperwork, in which we were already in the process of scanning those documents," said Peters.

"We got some of the maintenance staff to come out here and catch the water and haul it out in trash cans so we caught some of it but we still have quite a bit of water down here," added Peters.

For the time being, the room is filled with large fans and dehumidifiers in an effort to clean up the mess that mother nature left behind.

While the flooding has caused a delay-- Peters expects to have everything cleaned up and repaired in about two weeks. Madison Construction, the construction company overseeing the renovation project, assured Peters they would fix the problem and pay for the clean-up and maintenance fees.