Updated with Police Report: A&M System Deputy Chancellor Fired

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Police Report:

On 9-21-11 at approximately 1500 hours, Det. Tumlinson and I arrived at the Systems Building as a precautionary measure during the termination of Jay Kimbrough. This is normal operating
procedure when requested by other Departments within the University. At approximately 1630 hours, Kimbrough, Officer B and Scott Kelly entered into a closed door meeting. A short time
later Kimbrough left the office and Officer B and Kelly walked across the hallway where Det. Tumlinson and I were waiting. Officer B stated that Kimbrough refused to hand over his keys and pass card and that Kimbrough brandished a knife in a non-threatening manner. According to Officer B, Kimbrough stated "If anyone is man enough to take them (referring to the keys and pass card) bring it on." Officer B and Kelly thought it would be best if Kelly went to Kimbrough's office
and speak with him once more in an attempt to get Kimbrough to leave the area peacefully. During this time staff members of the Chancellors Office were asked to leave for the day. Kelly exited the second meeting with Kimbrough and stated that he was still refusing to leave or turn over the requested items. It was determined that we would wait until 1700 hours and let Kimbrough leave on his on terms.

At approximately 1650 hours, Kimbrough left the building and walked to his vehicle. Kimbrough stopped and paused for a few seconds at his vehicle and then returned to come back inside the building. At that point it was decided by Kelly and Officer B that Kimbrough would not be allowed to re-enter the Chancellors suite. I met Kimbrough at the entrance to the Chancellors suite and identified myself as a University Police Officer. Kimbrough replied, "So am I." Kimbrough
placed his hand on both my arms and applied slight pressure towards the entrance of the Chancellor's Suite. I placed my hands on Kimbrough and held my ground. I explained to Kimbrough that his access to the building had also been terminated and that he would need to leave the building. Kimbrough stated, "that this is a lawyer thing" and "they need to learn to be more subtle". Kimbrough removed his hands from my arms and asked if we were going to
escort him out. I explained to him that we were going to follow him out. Kimbrough stated, "I shall return". Kimbrough then left the building without further incident. Kimbrough walked to his
vehicle and left the area. No further action was taken, no charges are being filed.


Kimbrough tells KBTX that he has not discussed his termination with Texas Governor Rick Perry. He also stated that if Chancelor John Sharp wants to eliminate the Deputy Chancellor position and have more people report to him, then that was Sharp's decision.


SAN ANTONIO --- An attorney says that a longtime adviser to Gov. Rick Perry challenged him to "bring it on" and brandished a pocketknife in a nonthreatening way after being told he was fired.

Jay Kimbrough on Thursday didn't deny the confrontation detailed in a police report released by the Texas A&M University System. The 64-year-old said he was frustrated by his abrupt firing Wednesday but wasn't genuinely threatening anyone.

Kimbrough told the A&M System's general counsel that he would hand over his office keys if "anyone is man enough to take them." He said attorney Ray Bonilla didn't know his personality well enough to not take him seriously.

Kimbrough had been serving as deputy chancellor. He was fired by John Sharp, who was appointed the new chancellor earlier this month.


Jay Kimbrough has been fired as deputy chancellor of the Texas A&M University System.

A&M spokesman Jason Cook says that Chancellor John Sharp found the deputy chancellor's position unnecessary. Sharp took over the top administrative spot two weeks ago.

Sharp released a statement to system employees saying quote,

"I have decided that the position of Deputy Chancellor is not necessary to meet the needs of the Office of the Chancellor and The Texas A&M University System. I wish to thank Jay Kimbrough for his service in that role during my initial days as Chancellor. I wish him the best in his future endeavors."

University police were called Wednesday afternoon to the A&M
building where Sharp and Kimbrough have offices. Police Sgt. Allan
Baron tells KBTX that Kimbrough had a pocket knife with him at the time he was notified of his termination. Sgt. Baron says the knife was out but "not pulled out." Campus security was also on scene.

Kimbrough is a longtime friend of and troubleshooter for Gov.
Rick Perry, a former Texas A&M student. He served as interim
chancellor after Mike McKinney stepped down as chancellor in early
July. He relinquished those duties when Sharp was installed.