Horses Seized From Bad Living Conditions

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The task wasn't easy, but after three years of investigation, Brazos Animal Shelter employees rescued a handful of neglected and injured horses.

"This is a really really sad situation. It's very difficult for the shelter workers, it's difficult for us financially, it's something that we find distasteful and when this happens it's because we feel that there are no other choices," said animal shelter director Kelley Durham.

Durham said the owner was warned a year ago about the conditions he kept the horses in. Some of the horses were in cramped stalls. The horses were standing in feces up to their ankles and were so bored they nearly chewed through most of their wood enclosures.

"Some of them have injuries that have not been taken care of, one of them has a halter that appears to be growing into its head," said Durham.

After hours into the seizure, the grandson of the owner showed up. However, he refused to talk.

One neighbor though said he's seen the owner act responsibly with his horses.

"I've lived out this way all my life and for as long as I can remember he's had horses out here and he's always fed them, always cared for them."

The owner is scheduled to appear before a judge on March 4th. In the meantime, the horses are receiving medical treatment at the animal shelter.