Military Probes Cause of Tent Blast

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U-S military officials say they're looking into whether a bomb was planted at the mess tent at a U-S base in Mosul, causing yesterday's deadly blast.

The explosion killed 22 people and wounded 72 in one of the deadliest attacks on U-S troops since the war began.

The commander of the multinational force in Iraq tells C-N-N a planted bomb is "a possibility." He says experts have been flown in from Baghdad to do a "very detailed" investigation.

Initial reports said a rocket ripped through the tent's ceiling.
But the radical Muslim group claiming responsibility for the attack seemed to indicate a suicide bomber was involved.

An embedded reporter says another U-S commander told him the
bomb was apparently packed with pellets, which ripped across the
tent during the explosion. Mortars and rockets produce shrapnel.
But pellets are mainly found in roadside bombs or explosives worn
by suicide bombers.