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A&M University Apartments Are in the Middle of a Stink

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The ill-fated university apartments on the A&M campus finds itself in the middle of a stink. After suffering an explosion in July, now the complex faces a messy sewer problem.

Xin Zhou, who lives at the apartments, says the smell of sewage gets pretty bad at times.

One maintenance worker is also smelling the problem. The current employee of the complex, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, says he's tired of nothing being done about the plumbing problem behind the complex.

"The smell was horrendous here. I put pieces of Styrofoam in it and watched it. Then I went to the creek, I waited about 10 minutes before the Styrofoam came out the other side. That way I'm sure that sewage is coming from into the creek," says the concerned employee.

The maintenance worker says there have been problems with plumbing underneath buildings due to pipes rotting because of age of the building. He says some have been repaired, but not all of them.

The anonymous employee adds, "The attitude has always been put things off ‘til later; the sewage running off into the creek, it’s been put off."

While some residents have only smelled the raw sewage for a few weeks, one man we spoke to says it’s been a problem for the past few months.

"It’s kind of bothersome, but I don't know how serious it is," says Zhou.

Both the city of Bryan and College Station are checking the sewer lines to make sure they aren't a city problem. University officials are looking into the problem, but the maintenance crew has been notified.

"I was told by a co-worker that a work order had been turned in but nothing had been followed up on," says the maintenance worker.

It may not be a big problem now, but if it continues, residents will have to put up with more than just the smell. The Health Department says it could cause health issues for the families who live at the complex.